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14 aug

Date: AUG 14 2017

2nd Studio Album on the way

Despite all of the issues in the band, the 2nd studio album is under construction. 12 new songs and a tale are in the writing/recording stage. There is no official release date yet, we will give you further informations about that in the future.

14 aug

Date: AUG 14 2017

Torn Apart

After a difficult period in the bands life, some hard decision had to made. Edina Sárközi and Brendon Tokai is no longer members of the Taleteller. Both of us are so proud everything that we achieved. We wish all the best to them on their own journey.

Miki and Tibi

14 aug

Date: AUG 14 2017

New Site

As you see the Taleteller official website is alive again. Have a nice browsing!


Taleteller was born in 2010 Budapest Hungary from Tibor Tóth's mind. The idea was simple: Form a symphonic metal band that has only one core story on the whole album. After he shared his music ideas with Róbert Mészáros, they decided to form a band. Róbert joined as a bassist, later Miklós Róth took the place as a drummer. Later Edina Sárközy sung herself into the hearts of the already existing members, thus becoming the lead singer of the band. Csaba Dobos was the fifth member as a guitarist. When the story and the music was written, the band recorded it's demo album called Hope Dies Last.

After the recording, Róbert and Csaba left the band, and Brendon Tokai became the lead guitarist. The band released Hope Dies Last 14th of February 2014. Their debut gig was on the 18th of April 2015, along with several other gigs later during the summer of the same year. After a difficult period, Brendon and Edina decided to leave the band. However Tibor & Miklos continues to work relentlessly on the 2nd album of the band to continue the journey of Taleteller


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