Hope Dies Last

01. Once Upom A Time

Once upon a time there was a boy
he lived in a silent town
His life was sweet and full of joy
but he was so alone

One day when he crossed the street
he glanced a nice lady
The love in their heart started to beat
Not much later they married

Their life was calm and wonderful
Like flowers in the great meadow
The petals they grew were colorful
They didn't know sorrow

Once upon a time this naive boy
-with a starving family-
One day he fallen in an evil decoy
Because they needed money

This is a true tale
Listen wanderer
Hear that what happened
Once upon a time
Keep your walk stranger
watch out for dangers
Find out what happened
Once upon a time

02. Shameless

Welcome in another shamless morn
I was dreaming but I awaked by a thorn
Why was it so good to crush my dream?
Why don't you ask, if you want to know the mean?

Still holding
still watching
the sparkle of my dreams
You can't stand
and understand
but I have 2 gross ears
You bitten my back
but I don't care that
I don't walk this way
I know what will I do
I won't be shamless too

Still thinking about why you did it
I know my path sometimes could strange a bit
But malice was never inside me
All I ever wanted just to share the dreams

03. Hope Dies Last

I was so young
and too naive
Wickeds among
they deceived me

Sentence was born
It's 25 years
I can't adorn
I was full with fears

Hold on and step on it's way
Be stronger and don't let the hope fly away
25 years and locked cage
I still counting down the days and my age
Will my love remember me?
Every day I see them in my far longing dream
My songs should caress my tears
I won't give up until my heart is beating
My hope dies last

They took me so far
to a prison island
There is no guard
Just convited mens

I will be released
Not like the others
I lived in peace
They are the haters

04. One Of Us

Trying to resist in vain, thus
Come and become one of us

Welcome to you new boy
Come and be our last toy
This game will infect you
I don't lie this is true

Hear our poison, eat that
Wear our garment, take that
Learn our acts and manner
Bow your head before our banner

Black rose between sharp thorns
Embraced by loneliness and hope

This is our World, taste my friend
Tomorrow our life will end, and
Trying to resist in vain, thus
Come and become one of us

Meet this island wolf law
Howl, fight, bite, forget love
When you care our need
watch your back,or you'll be the feed

Take this, carve a stone heart
Use it live our mad art
Rhyme with this rotten pen
Then you won't be forgotten

Lie! Their ink is nothing
else just blood of the innocent ones

Take it, carve it, it must be fit
Stone heart – mad art – never will beat
Brushes, pencils drawing horror
We serving them without honor

War and sword are writing poem
And this disease striking on man
Tears and fears are filling the cup
Come here and drink, just a wee sup

05. Sweet Piano

Keys are black and white
Like my ruined life
Colors now fade away

Notes are full with fear
Their voice disappear
in the space of loneliness

When I hit a key
I feel that set me free
from the chains of my life

I sit under a tree
with my family
The grove is loud with laughter
But I know, I 'm not right there

Oh, Sweet Piano
please come
caress me
with your notes
Take me a World that will
accept me

This fake fantasy
forced me into knee
I couldn't do anything

But I still playing
Keys are answering.
„I just want to see my darling!”

Notes chased the silence
Without audience
They helped me to remember

To my childrens face
To my Darling's grace
and her hair wonderful scent
Memories I won't let go

06. Dream Lands

the reality in my
Dream World
where's the mirage
through lands
where's the greatest kings
the Sands
They just stand
and shake hand

this word easy
when you see
the dune sea
But you still feel the same
And just wander

Save me from this World
This is too absurd
Please lead out from this World
Just out from this Dream World

Sweet lies
always affect in our
small lives
Sometimes better
& sweeter
Dream Land
There you can be that you
Like a hero

07. Wind Rider

In the mighty highlands
there lived a hidden tribe
They build a strange equipment
to be able to ride

Through the mountains and the hills
far beyond the ground
You have to get your courage to
make another round

Underneath the people looks like
tiny marching bugs
Celebrating the power
that our nature give us

The wind like a wild horse
won't give up without fight
Grab the bridle hold it tight
get ready to the flight

Fly with the wind
-ride it-
Leave all behind
-tame it-
Bravery is the only way
Dream with the wild
-rule it-
Open your mind
-feed it-
Hope will lead you through the way

As you see, the hope
will help to find your way
It dosen't matter you are really
dreaming in a jail

Before you will wake up
I'll kiss your dreamy cheek
But do not care me
focus how to fly

08. Last Dance

Sweet Beauty please come with me
This is your big day
Everything set carefully
Enjoy this fun play
Wardrobe spinig you around
He choosed the night dress
You are so lovely tonight
I must confess:

I 'm so glad to make for you a ball
You were the One who caressed my heart

The finest dinner is served
that you ever ate
Hat-Rack plays on violin
The song is love made
Our eyes meeting from the far
-what a nice moment
I am blessing all the time
that we could spent

Take my hand
Come and dance
Only one last dance
Our last chance
I so feel for you
I hope you too

We will dance through the whole night
There is no doubt it
Finally the joy had came
And healed the sorrow's bit
You came closer,- please come closer
I want to feel you
You are hiding in my arms
Feel free to do

Dance through the night
Come and dance
through my life
The last chance
blossomed now
And It's flower
melt the snow

09. The Puppet Show

I'm really tired of your game
To playing when you taunt my name
Pulling me in a metal string
Shackle my arms with steel ring

Everyone enjoy your cruel show
In the end we must have to bow
After the curtains fallen down
The fire woods life is gone

This Puppet show!
Will finsh now!
The marionets are ready to bust out
Red curtains down!
Your Play on ground!
The horse threw down it's opressor

You never liked my beloved friends
If someone get name you put end
of his life and his carrier
This is the end of your power

10. Finding You

Another cloudy day
in my sunny life
Tears streaming in my face
And slowly pass forward

I don't know where to find you
But I trust in that we still got hope

Another cloudy day
and a scarry night
Ran away from my awe
I wasn't brave to fight

I wish I know where to find you
Show a path for me a quest for truth
To Finding You

Finding You
Seeking You
Finding You
just finding You

Everlasting brightness
showed my way to out
When I found his Highness
I gave him my shaking heart

He promised that He will lead me
Through the eternal stormy-windy sea
Please, help me through

Now I realize that
Every beauty lived
around me

11. New Day To Me

The fresh dew caressed the calm morn
When the sun risen I was born
in the crib of peace and mother's love
I still hear the sang of the doves

When I'm think about it
I know that: It's gone away

It was noon when I met with her
We were glad so loved each other
Then she gave me childrens and warm home
The first time I was not alone

When I'm think about it
I hope that we will meet

The moon chased the sun away
in the end of this beauty day
And I hope that he will give
a new day to me

When I watching my grey hair
and the wrinkles which doesn't spare
I still hope that He will give
a new day to me

The island stole my afternoon
The sky covered by the moon
And I know I am nothing else just dust
All I want: the kiss of the past

When I'm think about it
I still beg: come again

12. Until My Last Breath

Still sitting in the frozen
pit of the hunrgy wolves
Every day tired to bite me
Snarled with their evil thoughts

My heart is beating still
No trace of dusty stone
My skin the one that hardened
The scars saved my bone

Last temptation here I am
Face to face and arm to arm
I prepared to fight and cope
Realize that you can't steal my hope

I'll hold on until my last breath
And I rather choose the death
-it's much better for me-
than become a coward
End. You can't convinced me to blend
So I'll leave behind this land
The ship will come for me
and the hope will my compass to home

25 years have gone by
The weather still the same
Just storm, rain and thunder
-Lullaby for the tame-

I count every single
Day in the wicked land
This gonna be the last one
And l still hold the ground

„Once upon a time there was a boy who
were not impressed by our joy
A sick, with pit, leper, obessed by the truth
For your wounds please take my ruth
I want to cure you, but you didn't allow that
my herb is toxic just look at!
You the fool of hope come, become one of
us, and give your life to the rust!

Hey you pit leper, you will not live forever
The end is near and it comes closer
Be dare to live the filth side of the path
tore you chains, time to feed your wrath
Come and give your hand
and I take you through the land
of waste to taste the pain and fear, and tear
-my dear- we are loving them so much
Free to choose a nightmare to watch"

13. Ever After



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